North of Spain Wine Route

Rioja, Ribera del Duero, Albariño and Txakoli



INCLUDES: Accommodation in boutique hotel 4 * or higher. Oenology course. Visit to 19 wineries. 1 Wine therapy session. 1 session of thermal waters. Experience in vineyards by 4x4 vehicle. Breakfast, lunch and dinner in the best restaurants, some of them with a Michelin star. Private transport in luxurious vehicle.

Spain is one of the best countries to taste wine and thanks to the weather conditions of the North, Rioja and Ribera de Duero wines are probably the best regions. In this experience, taking in the vineyards we will travel through the North of Spain and its wonderful cities and towns. From cellar to cellar you will go home having tasted the best wines, sampled the best restaurants and savored an unparalleled scenery.

*This private tour can be adapted to your specific preferences and requirements. 


  •  Arrive at Northern Spain Gastronomy HQ

  •  An Initiation in Tasting, Oenology and Viticulture in our typical Cantabrian villa and village, bordering the Basque country. We will teach you to understand Spanish wines, their origin, production, ageing process and quality.

  • Tasting wines from Rioja Denomination of Origin, Ribera de Duero, Rueda, Cava,Txacoli and Albariño. We will introduce you to some traditions such as pouring the typical Asturian cider or the way to check if a herb liquor has natural or added sugar. This will allow the route to be much more beneficial understanding the Spanish appellations of origin.

  • Lunch & Self-sufficiency - We will prepare some of the traditional dishes of Norther Spain using our outside ovens of wood and charcoal for cooking over their fading embers (suckling lamb, Asturian fabada, Basque txuleta, etc). They will be simple dishes full of flavor where the technique of how to cook will be the crucial part. If we are in season we will take everything necessary from our greenhouse and garden and we will explain the basis of self-sufficiency.

  • We will visit the beautiful fishing village of Castro Urdiales considered one of the most beautiful villages of Cantabria where its immense church stands on a cliff overlooking the sea. We will walk along its cobb, its port and around the castle.

​*Note -  depending on your time of arrival and the place of departure this first day may vary in your itinerary


  • Cantabria is famous for its white wines and liquors.

  • We´ll visit a family winery for a wine tasting of white Albariño, sparkling wine and herb liquor  and  accompanying appetizers such as anchovies, bonito and chorizo.

  • We´ll try everything that Cantabria has to offer with a tasting menu lunch in a restaurant famous for its Trampantojos (nothing is what it seems), a stunning culinary and visual experience with local products and wine.

  • Visit to Santillana del Mar, the famous city of the three lies. This wonderful medieval town will surprise you with its cobbled streets and colourful houses.

  • Visit the ancient city of Comillas where you´ll visit "El Capricho" the most important building of Cantabria built by Antonio Gaudi. The building is inspired in music and nature and its gardens are just breath-taking.


  • Visit to The Ribera market (the biggest covered market in Europe) and the charming 13th century Old Town.

  • You cannot leave Northern Spain without visiting the Guggenheim museum, designed by Franck Gehry. This museum gives much of its personality to the contemporary city of Bilbao.

  • For lunch we will take you for the best food of Bilbao with our walking food tour.

guggenheim museum.jpg


  • We will visit a family winery in the Getaria area to taste the famous Txacoli white wine paired with probably the best anchovies you have ever tasted

  • For lunch you will enjoy the renowned grilled fish in the port of Getaria

  • After this we will head to San Sebastian that has the highest concentration of bars/inhabitant  in the world. The gastronomy approach with the basque tapas (pintxos) has give it a number 1 ranking in small but sophisticated type of food.

  • For dinner inmerse yourself in the traditional gastronomy of the North with a "Pintxopote"-crawl. Taking in the traditional Pintxo & Drink from bar to bar in the Old Town of San Sebastian.

  • On day 5 we will discover the magic and history of San Sebastian with a relaxed walking tour around the Old Town , the "Petit France" and La Concha Beach.

  • We will eat in one of the traditional Basque cider houses a complete menu of: Chorizo ​​a la cider, cod omelet, Txuleta and cheese with nuts. You will pour the famous Basque cider that is also well known in this area. (The cider will be unlimited, but don’t worry, we are driving!)

DAY 6 & 7: RIOJA

  • Nestled between 66.000 hectares of vineyards, stunning medieval villages and the impressive Sierra Cantabria mountain range, you will have an unforgettable journey enjoying the world-class wines and  gastronomy.

  • We will visit La Rioja Alavesa and La Rioja Alta combining our winery visits with meals at wonderful traditional restaurants and sleep in the most charming boutique hotels in the area

  • Each day you will visit three wineries that will offer a completely different approach to wine.From the famous Tempranillo grapes to the Viura, Granache, Graciano or Mazuelo you will experience the brand range of Rioja´s wines and enjoy every glass.

  • Visit Laguardia, Haro and other small towns such as Samaniego or Briones. These towns are medieval with fortified wall, narrow and cobbled streets and completely surrounded by vineyards and mountains. 


  • During these two days we will take you from Peñafiel to Valladolid going through the best kept secrets of the wine region of the Ribera de Duero area, the highest rated wine region in Spain and possibly one of the best in the world.

  • We will visit castles, medieval villages, underground cellars, inns from the 15th century and we will taste the best wines and understand them in detail as we explore the artisanal wine culture. 

  • We will visit the Peñafiel Castle, which is a place of pilgrimage for lovers of wine, we will observe the manufacturing techniques of some of the most important wines in the world. 

  • You will have lunch at a traditional barbecue style restaurant, famous for its lamb baked in a wood-fired oven.

  • We will visit  Valladolid. The capital of Ribera Del Duero it is recognised as one of the leaders in gastronomy for its famous tapas, wines and trompe l'oeil.

  • On day 10 we will take you to your next destination or place of departure



We are small family business, fully insured and licensed.

We only offer the best quality from transport to service, food and wine.

We have over 5 years experience in the tourism & travel world.

For abs​olute comfort and safety our tours are in 4x4 Range Rover Sport or Mercedes Viano.

We accept all type of debit/credit cards.


Our partnerships are with small family businesses who maintain a respect for sustainability and authenticity. 


The way we approach wine is with passion as we considerate it  an art. The cellars and wine we taste have a great history behind them.

We partner with traditional local restaurants that use only seasonal products.

We visit small towns & villages that rarely appear in the travel guides.


We are a team of 4 with background in the wine and gastronomy world.


Our team are locals who genuinely love and know the North of Spain inside out.

Whilst we have a carefully planned agenda we aim to cater to our clients enjoy and  will adjust the itinerary as required during the day.

With us you will not feel like you are on a tour but rather having an experience with local friends.