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A Day Trip Exploring the Basque Country Side

Day Trip From Bilbao: 9am - 5pm    

The Basque people were renowned farmers and sailors and sailors and they celebrated their key sustenance of local cider, still enjoyed today. We take you to the roots of the Basque people with a gastronomic experience: tasting their traditional Idiazabal cheese, pouring the Basque cider from the barrels (txotx style!) and also enjoying the
 beautiful coastline of the Cantabric sea, nestled below the mountain ranges of Cantabria across Basque country through to the Pyrenees.

 Private transport in a 4x4 Range Rover Sport or Mercedes Viano. We'll pick you up from your hotel/airport in Bilbao.

Private Tour & Guide

Visit to a Cheese Farm

Lunch in a Cider House

Visit Authentic Basque Villages

Hotel Pick Up & Drop off in High End Transport


We are very lucky that the Basque Country is the only region which produces Idiazabal Cheese. This D.O. comes from sheep that graze the green valleys of the Basque Country. The breed is known as Oveja Latxa, and you will enjoy the explanation we give when you come to visit them.

The cheese farms we visit are family owned and the sheperd will show you how they take care of the flock with the sheepdog, how to milk the sheep and of course what are the key parts of the Idiazabal cheese-making process.

You will be a cheese-maker for a day but will round the day off with a wonderful cheese tasting together with some local cider/wine in a beautiful txoko (the Basque common lounge) overlooking the sheep, mountains and valleys.


The Basque sailors were the strongest men in the seas. They have their secret, plenty of cider and sautéed cod. We will share the stories of these traditions so you can really immerse in the Txotx culture. 

The Basque cider houses are a must since they are a fantastic way to experience how farmers, sailors and other Basque people used to enjoy their food and drink but still do so today in the same way.


We will have lunch in one of the best cider houses where you will taste the traditional Txuleta menu: cod omelette, chorizo cooked in cider and the award-wining Basque T-bone steak equivalent - the Basque Txuelta.


Of course you will need to learn how to pour the cider from the huge well-mounted barrels and keep drinking until the moment we leave. 


As we continue exploring the Basque Country Side with its cheeses , ciders and wines, we will drive through the steep mountains almost always maintaining wonderfulviews of the Cantabric Sea. All in all, you ill be close-up and personal with an unforgettable landscape. 

Depending on the day/weather we will visit some of these amazing colourful villages known among the Basques as their favourite parts of the Basque Country Side: Fuenterrabia, Zumaia, Mutriku, Lekeitio or Mundaka. 

Prices: pick up from Bilbao 

Additional itinerary included in full - no additional charges

Private - 2 poeple

€300 per person

Private - 3-4 people

€250 per person

Private - 5-6 people

€200 per person

Larger Groups

Request a quote




We are a small family company, experienced and licensed in conducting Bilbao private cooking classes.

We always use the best quality ingredients and wine pairings during our course. 

We have over five years' experience in the world of gastronomy and teaching cooking classes.

If you need transportation, it will be provided by a 4x4 Range Rover Sport or Mercedes Viano.

All types of debit/credit cards are accepted for payment of the class.


We partner with small family producers, who maintain a respect for sustainability. 


We approach Northern Spanish wine with passion, as we considerate it an art.

We will use only seasonal produce, when making the pintxos during out Bilbao private cooking class.

We visit the small port town of Castro Urdiales and show you the places that rarely appear in the guide books.


We are a team of four, each with skills in the wine and gastronomy worlds.


Our team are locals who know the North of Spain and its cuisine, like the backs of their hands.

Whilst we have carefully planned our cooking class, we aim to cater to our clients' needs, and  will adjust the day as required.

With us you will not feel like you are in a class, but rather cooking with local friends.

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