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Image by Mario La Pergola

Wine Tours and Tastings in Bilbao and Rioja

Bilbao is located at only 1 hour drive from Rioja, historically considered the Spanish greatest wine region. Over 63,000 hectares of vineyards fed by the Ebro river and decorated with medieval villages, the range of mountains of Sierra Cantabria and wineries built with an extraordinary architecture from architects such as Franck Gehry or Santiago Calatrava.

The other wine region located in Basque Country and possibly less known is the Txakoli wine region producing fresh and slightly sparkling white wines. The vineyards pruned in pergola style are overlooking the ocean and add those mineral notes that make this wine the perfect choice for a summer or spring day. 

Rioja Tours Bilbao

9 hours · 2 Wineries ·  + 6 Wines
Pintxo Lunch · Free Cancellation


Wine & Architecture


8 hours · 3 Wineries · + 12 Wines   Traditional Lunch · Private Tours Only

A Sip-By-Sip Tour of 3 Boutique Family Wineries


1.5 hour · 5 Wines ·  5 Cheeses
Bilbao guided wine tasting

Guided Spanish Wines Tasting with a Sommelier


9 hours · 4 Wines·  eBikes
Picnic Lunch · Private Tours Only

Rioja on Wheels

eBikes and Picnic lunch


9 hours · 2 Wineries · + 8 Wines
Picnic Lunch · Free Cancellation

Rioja Family Wineries

& Picnic Lunch


9 hours · 2 Wineries · + 8 Wines
Gourmet Lunch · Private Tours Only

Boutique Wineries With

Gourmet Lunch

el peine del viento.jpg

8 hours · 3 Wines 
Pintxos Lunch · Private Tour 

San Sebastian and the Txakoli Wine Region

Image by Pablo Martinez

12th - 18th May 2024

Rioja and Txakoli for Wine Connoisseurs

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