Bespoke Experiences

We create unique itineraries, especially tailored to your preferences, and based on our extensive knowledge. We know how you can get the most out of your time in the Basque Country and Northern Spain.

Our Bespoke experiences are completely unique and different for each one of our clients. You decide what you want to visit and where you want to go, and with our help, we will deliver you a bespoke and unforgettable experience.
 We love the North of Spain because it offers an infinite combination of places and activities, thanks to its diversity – the Cantabrian coast, the mountains, the strong culinary heritage, wine culture and outdoor activities, being among a long list of many others. 
If you would like us to create a bespoke experience in Northern Spain, just tell us what your priorities and interests are, and for how many people, and we will create a unique itinerary especially for you. With us, everything is possible. 
The areas we cover are La Rioja, Cantabria, Asturias, the Basque Country, Navarra, northern Castilla y León (Ribera del Duero), Galicia and the south of France. We have excellent knowledge of gastronomy, wine and and Northern Spain in general, so we can take care of everything.


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Vendimia riojana
Corte de jamon iberico
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Fishing Bonito
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We are a small fully-licensed family-run business.

We provide quality Northern Spanish tours, based around food and wine.

We have over five years' experience leading gastronomy tours around Northern Spain and the Basque Country.

Our bespoke tours take place in a 4x4 Range Rover Sport or Mercedes Viano.

We accept all type of debit/credit card payments for our tours.


We have connections with select family businesses throughout the region, each of who respect the environment and local traditions. 


We believe wine is an art form, and visit cellars with a unique history.

On our bespoke Northern Spain tours, we partner with traditional local restaurants. 

Our tailored tours will bring you to small towns & villages that are rarely seen in mainstream travel books.


We are a team of four, all versed in the wine and gastronomy of Northern Spain. 


Our local team are passionate about the region, and enjoy sharing their knowledge with you.

Whilst we have carefully planned our agenda, we aim to adapt to the needs' of our clients.

With us you will not feel like you are on a tour, we want you to relax, as if you are with friends.