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Bilbao is located at only 1 hour drive from Rioja, historically considered the Spanish greatest wine region. Over 63,000 hectares of vineyards fed by the Ebro river and decorated with medieval villages, the range of mountains of Sierra Cantabria and wineries built with an extraordinary architecture from architects such as Franck Gehry or Santiago Calatrava.

In our Bilbao tours to the Rioja wine region you will be able to taste the two main styles of Rioja made with the tempranillo king grape and the viura queen grape: the traditional wines aged for very long periods in American oak barrels (more often found in the centenary neighbourhood station of Haro, Rioja Alta). And.the most modern approach "alta expresión" wines, made from riper grapes harvested in high altitude vineyards but aged for shorter periods in French oak (more often found around the medieval village of Laguardia in Rioja Alavesa). The incredible reputation of these wines together with the incredible scenery makes it a must to visit during your time Bilbao. 
Rioja Tours Bilbao

8 hours · 2 Wineries ·  + 6 Wines
Pintxo Lunch · Free Cancellation


Wine & Architecture


8 hours · 3 Wineries · + 12 Wines   Traditional Lunch · Private Tours Only

A Sip-By-Sip Tour of 3 Boutique Family Wineries


9 hours · 4 Wines·  eBikes
Picnic Lunch · Private Tours Only

Rioja on Wheels

eBikes and Picnic lunch


8 hours · 2 Wineries · + 8 Wines
Picnic Lunch · Free Cancellation

Rioja Family Wineries

& Picnic Lunch


9 hours · 2 Wineries · + 8 Wines
Gourmet Lunch · Private Tours Only

Boutique Wineries With

Gourmet Lunch

Image by Pablo Martinez

12th - 18th May 2024

Rioja and Txakoli for Wine Connoiseurs

Not Enough Time For A Full Day Tour ?

Check All Our Half Day Experiences!

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